News Roundup: Nov 28, 2020 The Offseason

Vol 3.36 | November 28, 2020

Hello Esports Enthusiasts!

Hope all my readers in the U.S. had a good Thanksgiving, and my readers in China enjoyed 感恩节, or had some other occasion to get together and eat well. And for those of you with a brand new PS5, or what we call a “life event”, enjoy.


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Leagues & Tournaments


League of Legends (LoL)

Honor of Kings [王者荣耀]


Club News

  • SwordArt signs with TSM for $6 million over 2 years, believed to be the highest salary offered by a North America esports team to date. The Taiwan-born Hu Shuo-Chieh [ID: SwordArt] impressed as part of the Suning Gaming team that made it into the Worlds 2020 finals after beating its better-seated LPL rivals. The trade caused a stir in the China esports fandom and points to China’s LPL becoming a talent pool to rival South Korea’s LCK.



Beyond Esports

  • TEO nicely outlines some aggressive moves by Tencent to block Douyin users from posting any Tencent IP, which would include the bulk of core esports games in China, and apparently has overstepped by reporting non-owned IP as well. Possibly related: this article from SCMP about Douyin owner ByteDance’s heavy investment this year into the gaming industry, including the observation that ByteDance has a large user acquisition platform for its games via Douyin/Tiktok, much like Tencent through WeChat and QQ. One can expect Tencent to defend its ground.

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