News Roundup: November 20, 2020

Vol 3.34 | Nov 20, 2020

Hello Esports Enthusiasts!

This week I had the honor of joining a really smart panel hosted by the Asia Society of Southern California, called “Exploring the Differences Between How the East & West Approach Esports.” If you missed it, here is a link to the VOD on Facebook.

If you’re new here, Welcome! My goal is to provide a quick roundup of the week’s news, with links to explore further if you’d like. Sometimes, like this week, there is a lot cover, so I am breaking off a few sections (media, marketing, and local development) that subscribers will see in their inboxes after the weekend.

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League & Tournament News

LPL (China’s pro LoL league)


Peacekeeper Elite [和平精英] / PUBG Mobile



Honor of Kings [王者荣耀]

Wild Rift

Club News

LoL Esports clubs’ front offices around the world are humming with deal activity now that the off-season has begun:

Data & Research

NewZoo updated its Global Games Revenues estimate, forecasting 19.6% growth to $174.9B USD for 2020. China and the U.S. are the two largest markets by a significant amount, at $44B USD and $41.3B USD, respectively. Meanshile, NewZoo recently revised downward its estimate of global esports revenues for 2020 from $973.9M USD to $950.3M USD, due primarily to event cancellations.

Next Issue: Local Focus, Brands & Marketing, and Media/Streaming

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